Janna is too strong at the moment?

I enjoy playing {{champion:40}} and i'v noticed that shes really strong at the moment, maybe too strong. her shield alone gives: shield+AD her shield with windspeakers blessing gives: shield+10% bonus shield and heal from ult+AD+armor and MR now add in ardent cencer {{item:3504}} and zekes harbinger {{item:3050}} and you get: Shield+10% shield and heal from ult+AD+armor and MR+15% attack speed+30 magic damage on hit+50% crit chance for 8 seconds in a teamfight basically from one ability and by staying near your adc you make them into a super carry. even if you completely lose your early game, once you complete 2 items and max your shield you can win the game with little to no effort. i dont know what to even say, i think that if they will nerf the items or janna in general, it will kill her and no one will need her, but with the results that i see in front of me, i cant say that its balanced. what are your opinions on the matter?
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