Does Riot insist on continuing to show only Lux favouritism?

Simply because she was designed by a woman. She has some of the easiest skillshots in the game to land and her ult is on the lowest cooldown of any AP mage in the game and yet Riot seem to do everything they can to buff her or give her skins and frankly, its getting a little boring. Just because she was designed by a woman does NOT mean she can be the most forgiving mage in the game to play. She is exceptionally easy and I still remember Riot saying "Lux's ult cooldown is too long so we are going to give it a reset". It is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. You only really see Lux and {{champion:142}} played now because they are both horrifically power creeped. ({{champion:101}} and {{champion:161}} BOTH need to land multiple skillshots to kill people. {{champion:142}} only needs to hit one. How is that not obvious power creep? {{champion:142}} has better damage, better CC and better mobility.) There is nothing {{champion:161}} and {{champion:101}} can do that {{champion:99}} can't do better. Her skillshots are even easier to hit. Its just another reason why this game is an absolute joke. Riot play favorites with champions far to much while champions like {{champion:127}} are left to rot with their clearly mediocre damage numbers and kits. I am so tired of this bullshit in this game. Riot constantly plays favorites, the ONLY reason that {{champion:99}} is kept good is because a woman designed her. No other reason. The same reason that {{champion:236}} is kept at a reasonable level is because he's black. (Although he is a heavy racist stereotype... guns, dreadlocks, big lips... come on Riot?) Is this just League of Social Justice now? Oh AND she has the most skins of any AP mage in the game? Just proves my point further. They might as well just make Lux's ult insta-kill whoever it touches because thats the level of favouritism they have for her.
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