Katarina needs some balancing.

I braced myself for the potential comments like "Why didn't you post this in Games, Contests and **Jokes**" and I just want to say these are all my own personal opinions and I'm just venting them out there in hopes they'll be seen. So I've been playing Katarina since season 2 and the assassin rework, i'm not a one trick but I do play her more than other champs. I'm glad when she was reworked they kept her resets since they're a big part of her kit since her release, the problem is with her daggers. They were a cool gimmick at first but then I realized how your personal sense of time stands still while you watch that one dagger you got off after engaging fall to the ground slower than your death animation. I get the assassin update's main objective was to give the people playing against assassins some reaction time and I also get that the pre-reworked Katarina was **not okay** in that sense since it was hard to react to her at all but {{champion:11}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:555}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:131}} . What I really think of Katarina right now, very powerful, huge snowball potential, unenjoyable to play against but unenjoyable to play with in my opinion. What I'd love for Katarina right now, quicker dagger drops and smaller numbers on her sinister steel passive. The rest of her damage on her q e and r are fine to me I would just love to see a middle ground of old kat and new kat since one has insane burst damage and the other has insane speed. It's obviously a sensitive topic since you either love her or hate her but this has been on my mind for a while now and I wanted to get my opinion out there to see if anyone agrees with it. Edit: A sum up - you're punished with a potential oneshot for not reacting to the dagger drop currently, I'd like to see less of a punishment for it but a smaller window of reaction to make up for it.
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