Sated Devourer passive

Patch 5.13 notes
Greetings, Summoners. Welcome to patch 5.13, the super mega large one that has a lot of AP item changes and the new Devourer enchantment. Now, you might be thinking, "Huh, that's a very functional title and not at all very sleek," but we're here to communicate, not sell.
Could someone define "on hit effects"? Will devourer{{item:3726}} trigger on autoattacks or an abilities that trigger "on hit effects" like GP{{champion:41}} q, Ez{{champion:81}} q, Missfortune{{champion:21}} q and most importantly Fiora{{champion:114}} /WarWick's{{champion:19}} ultimates that trigger on hit many times. In other words, does Sated Devourer{{item:3722}} give you an "on hit effect" that triggers other "on hit effects". And is there a difference between abilities that: **1.** Replaces a basick attack (like Poppy{{champion:78}} and Mordekaiser{{champion:82}} q). **2.** Act like basick attacks (like GP{{champion:41}} and Yasou{{champion:157}} q). **3.** Enhances a basic attack (especially Xin Zhao{{champion:5}} q). And if these are different, how so? How will they interact differently with runeglaive? What "on hit effects" will Sated Devourer{{item:3718}} trigger twice? How will abilities that enhance one basick attack be affected by this? Will some of them trigger the bonus dammage twice? (For example Taric{{champion:44}} passive, Leona{{champion:89}} q, J4{{champion:59}} passive and Jax{{champion:24}} w.) Lastly, with champions like Twisted Fate{{champion:4}} , Xin Zhao{{champion:5}} and Volibear{{champion:106}} that get passive stacks of something like Master Yi{{champion:11}} to enhance attacks. Will Sated Devourer{{item:3710}} cause them to gain more stacks when it triggers toward their enhanced ability? Edit: Devourer's Phantom hit passive does not give the animation on WW ulti so I assume it does not aply the damage either. It also deos not help WW get stacks from his passive faster. Phantom hit is an in combat ability and can therefore never trigger in the first hit of a fight.
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