Better jungler wins. Change my mind.

"Report jungler" is common phrase in League of Legends. Not for nothing. Every game this season is win or loss based on who play jungle role better. Its not easy. My main problem is that you can play your best lane, role and best champion, tryharding for your lp in ranked, but enemy jungler just simply destroys you. Just 10 minutes ago I had Graves and enemy team had Jarvan. Jarvan cam mid level 2, while I was level 1, knocked me, dealt damage, my enemy laner ignited and also dealt damage, meanwhile Graves was doing wolves. I come back to my lane, not even 3 seconds pass, Jarvan level 3 flash knocks me again, same situation, Graves doing his red. This is just what game looks like, I cant blame our jungler for that. The problem is that when 10 minutes hit, Jarvan has 3/0/8 after ganking each lane 3 times, Graves is 0/0/0 and still less cs than J4. The game is pretty much lost, our jungler powerfarms and doesnt help anyone even when all lanes are being pushed. It wouldnt be sad, but lemme tell you this, before this game I had a Jarvan and enemies had Graves. Enemy Graves came level 2 and Jarvan powerfarm couse he needs "level 6 to gank". 2 loss in a row. Through the years I understood that the more jungler helps lanes chances to win increases by a million percent. Sometimes I have Evelynn and she doesnt do anything until level 6, sometimes I have Evelynn in enemy team that comes visible and takes the kill or assist. Same thing with Malphite jungle, one is powerfarming until level 6 and another one helping the lanes. My question is why jungler keeps powerfarming this season. Having blue buff, red buff, full hp and not helping teammates when lanes are pushed is useless. I play Malzahar alot, I ask every game "come when I have ult, 1 click kill". 10% of junglers come. Just few games ago Elise went top to help Sion kill Mundo, Mundo simply walked away with his tankyness, and Im waiting for gank with my flash and ult facing zoe. Elise ofcourse full hp goes to do frog, then wolves, then comes to do birds, Im level 8 havent used my ult yet and pinging to come and then she goes base. It happens all the time. Junglers suppose to do something, low amount of people can recover after being camped, with twice lower cs, no kills, against fed enemy. What do you guys think? How to avoid losing with bad junglers?
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