Should Draft Be enabled instead of Blinds Before Noon

Ok so this is something that has been following me ever since the removal of drafts before noon as speed up queing. But i personally think blinds are the worst expierience in my life as a league player. The amount of toxicity and trolling that happens there can ofthen make me quit league for that specific day. Riot made the meta so forcefull and so precise that if god forbid u get two top mains, three mids and similar things in your blind que. you are 10000000% guaranteed these ppl will instalock their character throw profanities at each other and generally make that game 20-50 mins of literal mental hell and try just to leave or dc from that match and Riots system will quickly issue you a Low Que or more. The point im Trying to make Cuz I have been rambling for long enough is Would Eune`s player base Deal with all this i mentioned above or would they rather wait 15-30 min for a game and avoiding 9/10 times what i was saying that plagues blinds from their begining to today so i make a quick poll so that the community can say what they would rather want. ** So Blind or Draft what do you like more?**
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