Why S ranks Are hard to get for lvl 7

Hello all. I have started maining Irelia and now I have level 6 with her. But I have noticed something. When you are level 6, and are about 50k mastery points, it's practically impossible to get S or even S+ rank. A similar situation was with Katarina. I had 60k mastery points with her and level 6. And more than times I had over 10 kills, at least 8 assists, and minimum deaths (max 3) and over 100 farm. And the best I have got was A+ at this point. But when I got about 98k mastery points with Katarina, I had less kills and more deaths, I got an S+ rank. Not to mention I lost that game. So basically I'm guessing it is some kind of secret rule when getting lvl 7 champions is that you have to have close to 100k mastery points with that champion to be eligible to get S ranks. Well, that's my opinion :){{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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