Player flames me for ending laning phase. Someone please constructive criticism I don't know how to

stop. It has happened before, that I end my towers quite early. But this is the first time that a player has thrown a game over it. My main objective is to get tower down, because most team comps these days have people that can take them down good especially ap mages. Anyway, I pushed hard, pinged Luxana seven times. Pinged again. I pinged, AND Pre-Pinged every time I thought she would go because she just couldn't deal with me pushing her tower. I would get her low - she would recall and then I would ping that she was probably going to head bot lane after she went to the fountain. I kept at the tower. I went top, came back to push the tower to get first blood (constantly pinging on the way). I KNOW there are negatives to ending the laning phase early. But how is this my fault. This is why there is a prize for who get's first tower. If my mid laner roams, isn't that a good thing so they will lose experience? Not so that they can go from 0 kills to getting fed in the bot lane? The purpose of my pings is so that they back off and go to the tower in bot lane? This was blue side. Someone give me tips I feel like the best thing for the team is to have early gold and avoid giving the opponent opportunities, such as Luxana. I followed her the first roam bot, then she followed me the second roam. When I was done defending bot , I use teleport to keep pushing I think that was the right choice. Because , after helping top, I can get first blood tower and do some decent damage to the second one while lux is bot roaming. Shouldn't it have been a Q for them to get back? And I make a big deal about this because I know what it is to be Markswoman bot lane and not have enough farm to rotate when we get first blood. But usually this means go top, or whole team mid if it is bot lane first tower. Someone please explain without being a jerk . I just don't know why I was blamed for playing , In my opinion, good, by FORCING the mid laner to do else things. I got first tower. So suddenly this player is correct? Please advice. {{champion:34}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:498}} {{champion:54}}
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