My personal idea to the yasuo rework (Coming from a d4 yasuo main that wants him to be reworked)

{{champion:157}} So yea we all know that yasuo is "broken" because we hear it from all these low elo players. But he does need a rework for sure simply not because hes permantely overpowered or whatever is being said but only because his kit if used correctly and if not countered perfectly is the most dangerous one in the entire game. So here is my opinion to every single spell and how it should/could potentially be reworked Imma start with the easiest part to "fix" in his kit R- Last breath His ult is situational and needs a special kind of cc to be triggered so it needs to have some kind of huge impact or the low cooldown it currently has. The only thing i see as problem right here is that you basically cant really play tanks against yasuo even in the midgame where tanks are supposed to be the strongest class in the game cus the adc and fighters all shouldnt have the items to shred them yet. The only way to kinda avoid that would be to remove/reduce the armor pen on his ultimate OR make it scale up with lvl to reward good yasuo players even more but i really doubt there would be anything that really needs to be changed about his ult. Q- Steel tempest I doubt there is literally any way to really change this ability in any way at all cus its one of the few parts of his kit you cant even really complain about cus its not a reasonably strong ability. The only strength going into this ability would be the low cooldown which is the main part of every single spell in his kit except the windwall (which i will talk about later). And i think if the rework would give this ability a bigger minimum cooldown it would destroy a huge part of his identity no matter if he would be stronger as a champ or weaker. Now lets get to the "broken parts" of his kit that make him "overpowered" cus he stomped someone in his silver promos. E- Sweeping blade Yasuos dash is together with his crit part of the passive the thing that forms the champion and thus cant be changed severely because then you would have to fully rework his kit. The only thing i could imagine you could really change about his dash is making the range based on who you dash to instead of keeping it fixed (which would never satisfy any yasuo hater ) or you could potentially remove its damage or change the way the damage is applied (for example remove the dmg it does and put a percent dmg increase on it that scales with ability level). W - Wind wall ... I put alot of thought into his windwall and how to properly change it to fit the champions theme without being as "broken" as it is right now (i mean you could just walk 2 steps left jinx but thats totally not possible am i right?) And because i think his general theme is based on low cooldown spells i got the idea you could maybe turn his windwall into a more selfish ability than it is right now protecting just the yasuo from projectiles however after i thought about it for a while i figured it wouldnt be a well placed wall anymore then but just an area around you that protects you. And then i figured maybe you could charge up the windwall so it has a basic cooldown of lets say 3 seconds and you get a stacking making it last 1/2 a second longer ever 5/4.5/4/3.5/3 seconds and if you fully stacked it up it has the same or maybe a bit less duration than the old windwall so if you are patient with your windwall you can still make high impact windwalls that last for a long time and can single handedly win a teamfight but if you need to use it somewhere else you lose the ability to get those high impact zoning walls blocking off the enemy adc for atleast 2 seconds. This is the part about his active abilities and i want to add the changes i brought out here would all make him a even higher skill capped champ with less impact in low elo games but therefore less counterplay in higher elo games fixing his problems of dropping winrate in the higher tiers however i still havent talked about 2 important parts of his kit yet which would be his 2 passives. Passive - Way of the wanderer crit part I started with the crit part of his passive cus its easy to explaing what he really needs it for and how unviable it would be to change anything huge about this First of all to all you yasuo haters who never read more then : passive = double crit and shield you should read the entire passive cus its cutting his own damage potential quite aswell simply because it reduces his crit damage meaning if a yasuo and whatever adc you want crit at the same auto and both have the same ad yasuo does way less damage than whatever adc you chose (with the exception of kalista). What i want to say is that yasuos passive does severely increase his dmg output but it has to do just that because yasuo doesnt have any real base damage whatsoever compared to other fighters. And that his passive only removes every RNG in yasuos kit making him simply a more reliable critting machine than an adc. I also read some comments on videos and forums that were like : "I think that if they got rid of the double crit passive he would be a lot better." or even more stupid stuff like : "Lower his crit modifier. Instead of double crit, make it like 1.5x . It is ridiculous that he can have 100% crit in 2 items and then build whatever the hell he wants." And that is actually the most ridicilous thing i have ever read i mean what would any champ do with 1.5x crit rate. The only thing it would do is to make yasuo a RNG based dmg dealer instead of skill only based dps. Summary : i doubt you can really change the crit part of his passive in any way shaper form and im sorry for all hardstuck silver 5 ppl thinking getting 250 crits with 2 items is broken when cait can crit for 500 with the same items and half the crit rate. And now lets get to something that could actually be changed and how i already said my idea of the rework is to make him higher skill capped overall so he doesnt destroy as much in lower elo but actually gets the same amount of success in high elo as another famous high skill capped fighter we all know and love (yea im talking about riven) Passive- Way of the wanderer Shield part This is where it becomes tricky cus this isnt any part of his kit thats necassarily needed in his gameplay to make him feel like the champ he is now but its simply a part of his kit to make him viable to play at all. So how would it be possibly to change a self generating shield to be skill reliant and i honestly think that it should be a part of his kit the yasuo player can actually influence in some way and the enemy should also have a way or atleast the chance to prevent it so i think he should get a shield for having success with his spells meaning that if he successfully lands a knockup or blocks stuff with his windwall he should get rewarded with a chunk of his bar being filled. If you manage to get your ult out you get the full shield charge back making it work like before aswell just with the difference that you dont charge your shield by walking around but by actually using your spells in the way they are supposed to be used. Thanks for reading atleast some or maybe every part of my personal opinion to the yasuo rework and maybe you want to share and discuss your opinions aswell ^^. 
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