[SUGGESTION] Concept for a Shaco Rework

[](https://ddragon.leagueoflegends.com/cdn/8.7.1/img/champion/Shaco.png)As I was a Shaco Main a few years ago I always wanted a proper rework for Shaco since he got that rework during the assassin rework. I just want to throw some ideas into the room. I will first go over all abilities and then give my opinion and explanation on each one. Let's get right into it! --- --- --- > **Passive:** _HALLUCINATE_ > > After level 6, Shaco is followed by an **Illusion** of himself, which can attack nearby enemies (dealing reduced damage to turrets) and can be controlled by Shaco. After 10 seconds out of combat, it will regenerate health, until it has the same amount of health as Shaco. If the **Illusion** receives damage from Neutral Monsters, Shaco also receives a percentage of that damage. > Upon death, it explodes, dealing damage to nearby enemies. > > The **Illusion** always respawns at fountain after recalling. > > If the **Illusion** is too far away, it will teleport back to Shaco. --- > **Q:** _DECEIVE_ > > _Active:_ > Shaco becomes Invisible and teleports to target location. > > If you hold Q longer, the **Illusion** will also become invisible. > > _Passive:_ > Shaco's basic attacks deal extra damage when striking a unit from behind. Units can't be Backstabbed more than once every few seconds. > This passive is disabled while Invisible and it is enabled again 2 seconds after leaving Invisibilty. > > The **Illusion** can Backstab enemies aswell. --- > **W:** _JACK IN THE BOX_ > > _Active:_ > Shaco creates an Invisible Jack-in-the-Box. When triggered, it will first slow and then fear all enemies, while attacking them continuously. > Jack-in-the-Box has a little hitbox but is invincible. It despawns after a minute or after a short delay when triggered. --- > **E:** _TWO-SHIV POISON_ > > _Active:_ > Your next two basic attacks are empowered. The first applies a slow and the second one deals extra damage. --- > **R:** _TERROR LEAP_ > > _Active:_ > The **Illusion** jumps towards and behind the enemy champion. --- --- --- Shacos playmaking was what made him such an awesome champion. But now he is a "go invisible and oneshot someone" champion. He is very linear today with little to no counterplay. With the kit I suggest I think he has less strengths but new mechanics that make him interesting. I tried to keep his backstab, invisibilty, the box and the clone in his kit, as they define who Shaco is. The first thing I suggest is to make the clone his passive and it will follow him everywhere around. Out of combat it regenerates health, so if Shaco ganks or makes plays with it, the enemy can't easily distinguish them and they first have to figure out which of the two is the real Shaco. Shaco receives damage if he tries to tank the damage of the jungle monsters with his clone, otherwise that would make his clear stupidly broken. In the jungle the clone is a part of Shaco, but in combat it's a puppet to fool the enemy. It still has the same characteristics: Shaco can control it and AA people to death and it also explodes upon death. It wont drop boxes anymore though, because honestly those were more a gimmik rather than an actual helpful ability in my opinion. The clone wont spawn before level 6, thus Shaco cannot abuse it's strengths in the early game. He needs to recall after Level 6 to get his clone. The second thing is I moved his backstab passive to his Q and it is not enabled while Shaco is invisible. This prevents bursts out of invisibilty. The way Shaco is bursting squishies right now is bad and very unhealthy gamedesign. You as Shacos enemy has 0 counterplay to react to it. You are dead before you even know it. The slight cooldown before backstab becomes active again makes it more difficult for Shaco to kill people out of invisibility. What Shaco wants to do is appear ontop of the enemy, set up the kill with his other abilities and after 2 seconds give the finishing blow with a backstab. The interaction with his clone also enables some plays for Shaco. If he taps Q short, only Shaco will go invisible. If he holds Q longer, the clone will also go invisible. This means Shaco can choose if he wants to make the clone invisible or not. He can either make both invisible and appear ontop of the enemy, or he can let the clone be visible, pretend he is the actual Shaco and then appear out of nowhere. When Shaco is being chased, he can let the clone stay visible and walk it into the opposite direction of where Shaco is walking, trying to juke the enemy. This allows for more mindgames which in my opinion fits perfectly with Shaco. The W also got a little change. Instead of fearing instantly, it first slows and then fears the enemy. If the enemy walks away from the box fast enaugh they wont be feared. This allowes some counterplay. The slow helps Shaco to stick to his enemy until backstab is up again. In case you think the animation and visuals don't fit with this effect, imagine this: The box becomes visible, but the Jack is still in the box while it slows all nearby enemies. Then the Jack pops out and fears all nearby enemies. His E is a setup tool aswell. With his first basic attack he slows the enemy. This stacks with the slow on his W. Even if the fear of his W doesn't hit, this allows Shaco to walk behind the enemy and backstab this way. The second attack deals additional damage, for more reliable burst. If the enemy turns himself properly, Shaco wont be able to backstab. Since the bonus damage is only applied on the second basic attack, the enemy can play around backstab and prevent alot of damage if he plays properly. At last but not least the Ultimate gives Shacos clone more mobility. The clone usually has the problem that people just walk away from it. Also Shaco lacks a proper execute if he fails to kill a target. This ability allows Shaco to launch the clone into the enemy team. Also, if Shaco failed to proc the Backstab to execute his target, he can send out his clone and let it proc the backstab. This is an execute ability Shaco needs, I think. But the enemy also has ways to play around it: First and foremost they can just kill it. Without the clone Shaco basically has no Ultimate. Without his clone Shaco is missing playmaking and major damage like the explosion and the clones backstab. On another note if Shaco decides to launch it into your team while you are all fullhealth, that clone wont do much. It is an execution tool, not a poke ability. - The bread and butter gank combo is Q then E while invisible. When becomming visible again place a box behind the enemy and attack the enemy with your first basic attack. The slow of the E and W will make it difficult for your enemy to escape. You will hit a few basicattacks on them and when backstab is ready you just execute them. If they got feared or run away from you, they are basically dead. - When you have the clone make him invisible too, for more damage when you become visible again. - If you are against a tankier foe that you cannot oneshot but need to dive, you can send your clone with R to the enemy champion and gain turret agro. The turret focuses the clone and not you, making dives easier. - When escaping you can choose to let the clone stay visible or not. Switch it up and never doing the same strategy confuses the enemy, so they can't detect a pattern and you will fool them most of the time. - Because the clone is permanent now, Shaco is a good splitpusher again. Not only can he tear down turrets, but he can duel pretty well too. As you may have noticed, with my suggested changes Shaco is purely based on Basic Attacks. You may ask: '_But how is he a good splitpusher? Can he 1v1?_' Yes he can and mindgames are the answer. Imagine this scenario: You splitpush and an enemy comes to stop you. What you do is you Q but keep your clone visible, you walk away with your clone so the enemy thinks you escape and don't want to fight, but in reality you stay in lane and reappear behind the enemy. Use your R to launch the clone back into the fight and suddenly it's 2v1, your enemy outnumbered. AA them to death! --- --- --- Well, that's about it. This is what I came up with. What do you think?
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