Champ select terrorism needs to stop.

Ok guys. This problem was surely something that Riot intended to put to its well deserved grave with introducing new champ select. But it failed. it just, freaking, failed. Last game i have gad a teammate, that queued up as a support was bluntly shameless about his intentions: "i aint support just you know" he said from the get go "i just didnt want to wait so long" It seem that no matter what measures Riot takes to end this sort of thing, it is going to live on. It is up to the players to deal with it. It will take sacrifices in the form of precious elo points, but in the end, i do not think that you should even consider doing anything that will enforce their behaviour. 1. **Never dodge.** If you do so, the terrorist loses nothing and can end up with the team that will comply to their demands 2. **Never give up your role for them.** If you do this, you will only encourage the damn guy to terrorize people again. double adc with unfriendly competition for farm if needed. they want your jungle- pick Nunu. This will most likely lose you a game, but be ready to make that sacrifice. if everyone does so, the terrorist will only lose games, lose elo and you will never have to worry avout him again. 3. **Never say anything nice to them.** not saying anything is not reportable, but we need to deny them any bit comfort or positive gaming experience 4. **Always report them.** They may be the best teamworkers, the most positive people that can solocarry your promo game. It does not matter, they are still what they are. Hitler liked dogs.
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