Can braindead shield supps get auto banned in ranked?

Can janna, lulu, nami and soraka get perma banned in ranked? There is no point in playing a game that has the combo of a jinx/ jax / ww with any of these they will melt your entire team 2v5 if the shield bot just stands at max ranging spamming their heal/shield its more than busted to make it even worse there are items that boost these already broken shields and heals and give attack speed and dmg to their targets... I have no problem with no skill champs in normals but when the whole point of ranked is climbing by being good having, champs that literally have to do nothing but click a button with no thinking takes all the fun of the game...But yet again riot is probably filled with crybaby adc mains who cant do shit if their champ cant out dmg 5 tanks while having 10000 hp...
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