Why should I play league anymore?

I used to LOVE league, played it for hours everyday and it was literally my favorite thing to do. As off writing this post someone has just not locked in their pick or ban and im back to the searching screen, ive been searching for a game since 23:03. Why should i wait nearly half an hour for a game, which will then usually in ranked have an AFK or someone who dies 10 times very quickly. CS go i usually wait one or two minutes for a game, these wait times are unbelievable and its very annoying. Ive been playing league less and less and i think its on its last legs now. Im quitting this game. I may have a few games now and again but after playing them ill not want to again. I was part of a group of 7 people that played league almost everyday, however i am the last one to have any interest and its slowly dwindling. Waiting 30 minutes for a game is stupid and if it gets sorted then i may start playing again, but getting to play one of two roles isnt a good enough reason to wait 30 minites. So pissed off and i wasnt sure where i could post this Why should i play league and wait 30 mins for a match to wait 5 minutes to lock in pick and ban and a few more to load up when i can get into a CS game in less than a minute or just go on speed runners or minecraft?
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