Make support champs more sexy....

Seriously, I signed up for 10 games in a day and I choose mid or support and out of those 10 games everyone is support chosen for me cause people just don't like to play support.... why? 1. you never get to farm so your stuck on using gold gaining items thats after 20 minutes of game time is about as useful as a sneeze cause about 20 minutes everyone is in mid.... 2. itemization, there is so weak items for support builds that its just not fun cause you either go support build for wards etc and your damage is about a pinprick to the champs and you are farmed cause unless your tank you are easy prey. 3. nobody likes the support...? have you seen many supports getting even a like or handshake or well done support for keeping the adc or whoever alive? I have as yet to see any GG or anything given to any supports. so RIOT, I got a suggest, its novel idea, either make support sexier to be so people want to be support or remove it completely, because who needs the support in reality? its the midlaner or adc or jungler that get all the attention, and only when a support does something outragous does anyone pay attention. so please, do something.....positive for support.
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