Can Riot stop beating around the bush and implement team comms already? MAYBE in 2020???

Its seriously frustrating, in a competitive game you should atleast have the **option** to get on mic with the **team**, theres a reason why pros use comms after all. If you take a quick look at your competitors, even games that came out long after league of legends, they seem to UNDERSTAND how much communication can bring to the game. Yes you will have people who get toxic, which is why you can **MUTE** people. Those who **dont**get toxic get to **COMMUNICATE**, call ults, ganks, warn people of invades etc. Give me ONE good reason to NOT have voicecomms, because in other games where its available, anyone who wants to climb will use it, communicate and in normals people can have MORE FUN! You could even try it on PBE!!!! Please riot, stop ignoring your ~~customers~~ players {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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