Is Urgot general Ducouteau? (Kata and Cassio's father, Talon's master, went missing)

People have always wonder who the general Ducouteau, father of Katarina and Cassiopea, the only person Talon looks up to (and takes orders from) is/was. We only know he went missing (and that people joined the league in order to get clues about him) Some people also said that maybe it's Jax. But what if it was Urgot? General Ducouteau got betrayed by Swain, got dumped in Zaun got to experience pain, was reborn as Urgot and now doesn't care about Noxus anymore. I mean, look: Swain betrayed general Ducouteau. Urgot was betrayed by Swain. [[interaction with Swain](, [Short lore we got](] General Deucouteau went missing, NO ONE knows his whereabouts. Urgot has a taunt with Katarina about how her father was betrayed by Swain. [[interaction with Katarina](] General Ducouteau was the only person Talon would ever listen to or take orders from, (because he (and kata?) were the only ones stronger than him). Urgot has an interraction with Talon ["Obedient to the end"](
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