Tips on how to play with unlocked camera

So i played with locked camera since the very beginning and played over 2400 hours. Recently im trying to play unlocked camera since i see a lot of pro players play with unlocked and apparently it will give me an advantage etc.. However, i've tried this a few times now and i just cant seem to get it. It frustrates the %%%% out of me and screws me over more than it helps me. I try to just 'flick' my mouse in the direction, but then i either go too far forward with cam or not the exact angle that i want. I messed around with my sensitivity and enabled smooth camera but it doesn't seem make any difference. ESPECIALLY in teamfights, i tend to lose my coördination and having to worry about flicking the cam all the time hoping to get the right angle is just so bad, i can barely kite, have no coördination like this or if im looking up with my cam (and my champ is on the botside of the screen) i have no vision from the backside in case i get flanked. I honestly dont see myself getting a hold of this anytime soon (maybe this just wont even happen at all) so i was wondering if anyone has tips, is it normal for me to struggle so hard like this? Is it possible to gain high elo with locked cam? Should i switch to 'semi' mode? Thanks in advance
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