Bot lane discussion: What kind of supports do adc players want in low elo?

I play support, mostly mage supports. I used to play duo for few games and my friend had no problem with me playing {{champion:143}} {{champion:518}} because he was playing {{champion:51}} {{champion:202}} and we two chain cc, which almost always lead to winning the lane and have good impact on game too. When I don't duo, playing mage supports has always been a problem, sometimes ending up with ADC players trolling or feeding because they don't like it. Even when I say like I am {{champion:143}} one trick, they fail to understand that I can't play other type of supports. Because of frustration from many games I learnt {{champion:111}} mid season and he is a hook/tank support, who is really great. On him I had many games where opponents completely ignore me when I engage and just go for ADC first, making my tankyness not so useful; and I think this is how it should work-ignore tank and concentrate on squishy target. Imho most of the games, whether I was playing Zyra or Naut or Neeko I find that I position myself safer than my ADC and I avoid opponents engage/abilities which many times leads to opponents just ignoring me to go for the ADC, who most of the times doesn't dodge many of the abilities. Add perma-push even without vision with this, it is very easy for opponents to engage and kill ADC, even within short time of few seconds where I goto ward the river bush after pinging and writing to ADC. I prefer mage supports, as they're safer as well as have good poke and range and I often find myself dying lesser than ADC in lane and in game overall. So I was just wondering if ADC players just want the supports to save them from getting caught or helping them to not die or compensate for their bad(?) positioning. Is this a reason why seeing things like winrate on supports(from Brand, Zyra, Xerath has top 3 winrate in silver and in gold it becomes Janna, Nami, Brand. Even for top 10 win rates, this kind of trend is visible; going plat, plat+ it becomes more and more towards enchanters, and champions like Brand just fall. Silver elo-winrates: Gold elo-winrates: I was like hardstuck silver 1 and got to gold4; am currently learning {{champion:555}} and {{champion:90}} , but will be glad to learn {{champion:40}} or {{champion:267}} too-based on how effective/useful I can be on them. **tl dr**: What do ADC players prioritize: heal/shield (enchanters/healers) or hard engage(lot of cc+tankiness) or peel/damage(poke+cc)? I know it is situational and depends on team compositions, but what exactly do ADC players expect from Supports in general and in specific(from personal experience)?
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