I know that you will never listen because you are too selfish but at least ill try.

Hey Riotgames, I don't know why, but you lied to all of us before we create accounts in this game with a word"fair 5v5 moba game" and" not pay to win" well that's a lie, not fair because people being placed in elos they dont belong to, they being placed in elos they dont deserve to and a player who try to stay for ex:12/3/15 with 200+farms always will be placed with a baby 3/15/2 with -100 farms and ofc with mastery 7 we will never forget that. An iron player can simply pay to win to boost him self or pick to win same thing. If you pick twisted fate you lose, if you pick aurelion sol you lose, but if u pick twitch u win and yasuo and Draven and vayne and ofc we will never forget the most picked top lane right now: Yorick. Well is it fair for you to be forced to change your play style TO CLIMB! ? well, idk what you think about it, its called boosting. Paying, cheating unfair plays and unfair game. Like if you main for example twisted fate or aurelion sol, you will feel your self so weak and so patheticly useless. So you will be forced to change your champ to try to be useful. and those people who try to be boosted as hell, u find them in gold or silver or plat by picking this boosted champs i talk about, or if they didnt do they belong to iron or bronze. And doesnt matter how long we try to explain to you, you dont listen. There is either 1 option that you do that on purpose, either you want money. Or you want to force people to stay in low elo for long time, blindly about their skills in order to make people feel that high elo special, but when they reach the high elo they know how much time they wasted on nothing. Because same skills between silver to plat. Literally same skills no improvement. i have been in this elos so many times. No change all are the same all boosted all pick to win or paid for new account. And what is your option for people who feel betrayed and feel so disgusted about how unfair they lose even tho they try everything? Ofc no one will forget it. YES BANNED! BANNED CHAT NON-STOP for saying the truth in game. And i dont mean about people who talk like (MOTHER %%%%ER, I %%%% UR MOM,etc...) no i meant about people who say, STOP FEEDING PLEASE u stupid. STOP GOING SOLO GO IN TEAM HELP US. this people get chat bann for what? any explaination ? WHY ? WHY ?? i dont think there is. Except you will have 1 excuse( they are toxic) NO THEY ARE NOT. They try so hard their brain got exploded of trying strategies to hold 9 people in their shoulder and climb. But you make it harder with banning them, and make champions so broken that if they were in banned they lose. Also i didn't get chat bann yet. But i saw many get while they say nothing in chat. and ofc i know that all the people who picked this champs i mentioned will not agree with me, because they really love boosting elo legally. But this game is supposed to be about skills not about which champ you picked. REMEMBER ? PICK YOUR STYLE! NOT PICK THE STRONGEST CHAMPION RIGHT NOW!. I really feel disgusted that i have to explain this to a whole company. It's not so hard to use your mind you know? just follow logic. (Player deserve to win, should win.) Feeder should not. SIMPLE ITS SIMPLE.
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