Hail of blades has no sense in its current status

http://www.lolking.net/runes (Open this page to read statistics as I go through this whole topic, I know Hail of blades is still missing so I will give you the stats instead:| gain 50-100% AS [Based on level] for the first 3 autos made on enemy champs, the autos must not have a delay of more of 1.5S or the rune will be canceled, can exceed AS limit| I think after these 3 autos it will have a CD or after these 1.5S of inactivity, just noticed as well that lethal tempo stats are out-dated it gives now 40-110% AS) -------------- Now, I've been looking quite hard for a champion that might actually use that rune and the answer is quite hard. Jayce as a boost to his W in canon form? Nah, Aery gives way more poke damage which is all about Jayce Kindred? I would rather have a Press the attack, so I can have an absurd burst with E+3AA, and it also increases the damage of my allies on the marked target and being a jungler it is way too good to pass Adcs? There is lethal tempo, Ok, it takes a few seconds to activate but... it doesn't least just 3AA but 6S An assassin? Would you pass the damage of a electrocute just to have 3 fast AA that don't add any kind of damage to your combo? Junglers? PTA will always be a better option for everybody, the only champion it will be semi-decent I think it would be Xin Zhao because you apply an instant knock up, but... that's it, as I mentioned before PTA give burst + more damage to the target from any source and even allies I could understand if the rune would give some on hit-adaptive damage to compensate the fact that it just boosts 3 auto-attacks, and it would make it viable on mooooooore champions, maybe lowering a bit the AS it gives, but in the current situation, it is... poop?
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