League has changed from "good players carry games" to "bad players lose games"?

I feel like this game has changed from "good players carry games" to "bad players lose games". It used to be that you couldn't suck at this game that much compared to other players because most of the players were bad. That ment that you could "shine" more easily. Nowdays it has been turned around: it is harder to carry, but very easy to be almost useless (one bad call and you'r %%%%ed). This is because this game is WAY WAY WAY TOO SIMPLE AND EASY (only tactic is like to split or not, everybody even builds the same every match) so even less-talented players are getting really good at it. **The difference between average and good player is minimal. But instead, if you play badly, the difference to average player is multiple times bigger than difference between good and average player.** One bad player needs 4 good players to overcome the lack; but if enemy team has 4 average players and 1 good player, they basically win. 2 bad players in one team means you can not win an average team on your elo, no matter how well you play (smurfs are another story, of course). You get my point? (By good and bad player I mean playing well or bad in the same match, basically having a good or bad game.) Does Riot admit that this is a thing? They have to really, I mean look at those progames: 50min, 5 kills, last 25min just pushing lanes and waiting for one mistake to be made. Thoughts?
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