Feel The Climbing is based to highly on SMURFS or a Big MMR miss match?

So far every game I have played has either been a stomp on our side or a stomp against me. usually it seems entirely based on who has the most amount of smurfs on each team. which is frustrating as it becomes usually impossible to stop that snowball. Top either goes 9-0 or 0-9.. and likewise with other lanes? is anyone else seemingly experiencing a massive skill gap in most of the games? MMR and skill difference seems nowhere near balanced, which is creating such a roulette effect with climbing. some players deserving of there current rank are essentially being unknowingly and unnervingly boosted, whilst players who can surpass the current rank are just being held back due to a complete fluctuation of MMR and Skill roulette which is completely out of that players control. It isn't about LP gain/loss, it's about making a ranked environment where you feel you are rewarded for the rank. you shouldn't be punished or be gaining something that you have not really contributed to, but with the way things feel, it's like throwing that ball in the roulette wheel and hoping that ya number comes in.
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