Ranked = 100% luck.

Ranked is 100% luck. I am pushing for Plat by the end of the season. Do yourself a favour before reading, check my match history. As you can see, I get extremley high KDA's and top the damage charts nearly every game. Now, take a look at my losses. First, there's the game I just dodged because I had a lee sin mid, teemo top and miss fortune support. Lee was inting because he didn't get jungle. http://prntscr.com/cqs7a8 Second, there's the game with the Jayce who began inting early into the game because he got ganked. He stopped, still inted. Oh, and guess what, I had thie highest damage to champs and still finished 12/5/14. Then, my second loss! Did I play bad? Nope. TF goes AFK after bieng ganked twice. every other game in my match history is a win. Now, take a look at the games in my match hsitory. Any inters in the enemy team? Nope. Any AFKS in the enemy team? Nope. Literally ridiculous. I have to lose 5LP dodging a game because I have 3 trolls in my team. This crybaby literlaly just trolled because he didnt' get his role, and then the rest of the team joined in. Tell me one reason why I deserve to lose that game, or why I deseve to lose the game with the inting jayce, or why I deserve to lose the game with the AFK TF. There isn't a reason. All of those could have been victories and I could have been 75lp gold 1 right now. Fuck yourselves riot.
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