THIRD Rune tree with a last single rune to pick? Riot game design?

I was thinking about the new runesystem and ways to tweak it and how to let it have even more depth. So would it be possible to extend the rune trees to include a third tree. When we select runes before the game we get a primary (1 Keystone + 3 minor runes) and secondary treeline (2 minor runes), logically we would also then get a third tree to choose from but then only a single minor rune. Riots philosophy about the rune changes is to make selecting runes more flexibel and situational so as to not make a certain rune path mandatory for a certain champ or class. To introduce one extra rune from a third tree would make it more flexible and open up more paths to how to play the game and make the game more "unsolvable" as Riot likes to express their game philosophy and therefore more interesting. Because it is only a single rune in the third tree it won't be a lot more dmg or tankiness or whatever (and even then you can still just nerf some numbers with the runes to balance it out), and still make this last rune to be impactfull. For example an adc that goes precision as primary and domination as secondary might still get the {{item:2419}} against the zed (but not be able to pick any other rune in that tree that they might also like to take) or some extra resistance from resolve. I would guess though that this is something the game designers have already thought about and it would be interesting to know the pros and cons of this idea. I can see some potential problems with this, but I feel like the positive side of this is stronger. What do you think about this third tree, would it be a good idea or not really that good? {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
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