Why I think League is slowly going downhill for a long time now...

Some of the changes over the years made me doubt if the people at Riot know what they're doing. This is going to be A LOT of text so bear with me whilst I try to break down my thoughts in categories. **Champion Balance and Current Meta:** I know that this game never has been fully balanced and that it's not an easy task to balance a game this extensive. But regardless of that I must say that I've been disappointed as how balance is handled in this game. Some champs are obviously too strong for an eternity and nothing is done about it. While some are completely retarded or just not fun to play against. (Looking at you, Lee/LB/Fizz for example) Riot, I don't want you to shit out a champion once a few months just because you can. And I know it's used to be even more new champs before. But still, I wish you would just focus on balancing/reworking already existing champions until they finally are balanced. (Or at least are somewhat close to it) Releasing more and more new champs, which weren't even balanced in the first place, can't be the solution to that. Sometimes I wonder if you even test them enough before releasing them. I mean, come on...and how do you justify the new tank mastery? As if tanks weren't cancerous enough in itself, dealing almost the same damage as any bruiser while giving no shit about getting hit. Doesn't that defeat the whole purpose of a tank? They are supposed to tank, not to deal insane amounts of damage. **Jungle and RNG:** The Jungle went through the most changes over time, I think. In my opinion most of them were for the better, until recently...you know where this is going... Plants. To be honest, they aren't as bad as I first would've expected but they still feel just not right, misplaced in League to say the least. I could live with their existence if jungle buffs would still be there. The scrying plants (or whatever they are called) are pretty neat, but I will always prefer the controlled raptor buff, to clear wards instead of the not so reliable plants. The only plant which I don't have a problem with is the river plant, I personally love those. The other thing I will never be able to get over are the elemental drakes. I feel like the infernal drake is just way too strong in comparison to the other dragons. Who doesn't know this situation? The enemy team is ahead and is getting infernal after infernal. Your team is ahead and what do you get? ...Clown drakes. The drake which gave buff stacks depending on how many times you have slain him was the better solution to be honest. No stupid RNG, you could slay him as many times as you wanted to stock up on buffs you missed in the early game. I'm seriously asking myself what it was that was so wrong about that concept. I feel like that in a competetive game, such as LoL you should aim to keep RNG elements to a minimum, instead of encouraging them. Next thing I know is that League goes full Hearthstone and everything is RNG based. **Minion Block and Minion Aggro (Minor Annoyance):** I hate minion block, I could deal with it on the old map, but ever since the update I fucking despise it. And the worst thing about it is that no one seems to care anymore. Yet it is so silly to watch my champion trying to maneuver his way through my own minions, and doing the weirdest spinning dance moves while beeing blocked. I have missed countless lasthits and also died of course, just because of minions blocking me in such weird ways. And may god help you if you dare to pull minion aggro in lane because you poked, you just can't get rid of them without a brush. Are you really gonna tell me that minion block is working as intended? How can you not be annoyed by that? **Turrets (this is more like a personal matter):** I don't like how turrets deal almost no damage to champions. Even at lower levels you can tank tower shots for days without worrying. Tanks might feel a light tickle the further the game goes on. I feel like it is way too easy and way too rewarding to dive early, this might seem drastical, but why not let the turrets deal true damage? Or at least a percentage true damage, so that this way tanks and everyone else have a reason to respect turrets again. The other thing I strongly dislike about them is the amount of damage they take. It feels like they are made out of paper...or sand... I mean, yeah sure, you should be able to splitpush and take turrets... but you shouldn't be able to just 100 to 0 them in like 10 seconds, alone. That just feels wrong, if the enemy team is ahead and you get sieged a lot, it's not even that rare to see a tower getting wrecked in less than that time. I really wish these objectives were much harder to take down, so we have a longer laningphase and not everyone roaming around at like 15 minutes. But maybe that's just me. Alright, I hope you all didn't fall asleep while reading this. I'm sorry that it got so lenghty. Feel free to share how you guys see these things. But please spare me with comments like "but...but...the koreans at worlds don't have "this" and "that" problem, you are just boosted!" They are not the average player, you can't compare that shit, so don't. Have a good one.
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