Lee Sin Q ----> OP

Okay, I know some fanbois might rage here, but {{champion:64}} Q is damn broken.. 600 damage around every 5 sec, and once I built enough armor to think that I'm safe, he just finishes {{item:3071}} or any other armor pen/lethality item and deals the same 500-600 damage on my little 2000 HP and 200 armor. Finally I've seen a Lee Sin nerf in 7.10, and it's only an R cooldown "nerf".. so let's keep the 400 damage Q at lv5........... even if I juke it, most of the time they just come in with W, land 2 auto attack, slow with E and his Q is back again. He's supposed to be a fighter, not an assassin that he is right now..{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
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