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Hey guys! I just want to voice a concern of mine, as a support main, and that concern is the downfall of all traditional supports this season. When I say 'traditional supports'. I refer to support champions such as Janna, Taric, Nami, Lulu, Soraka etc Support champions that only provide CC/Shielding/Healing and dish out very little in terms of damage. ((Keep in mind that I play my traditional supports like an actual support, I build all the support items that benefit my team, such as censer, redemption, locket, knights vow etc)) Last season, the increase of 'Damage Supports' went right up, with the likes Lux, Brand, VelKoz, Pyke etc. Due to changes in items, champion buffs/nerfs etc and the traditional supports started sufffering for it, in terms of their main skills not being enough to sustain the damage, as they never recieved an adjustment to balance it out. This season, is going the same way and the traditional supports are getting shafted to the side lines as they cannot keep up with the amount of damage being dished out from the ADC and the 'Damage Support'. When I play Janna, I feel completely helpless and useless as my shield's cd in early is extremely high, no matter how I trait myself or start with coin. The damage it absorbs feels very little aswell and with such a long cd, janna is easily pushed over fast vs a damage support. I keep going and build all the proper items to support my ADC and team meanwhile the enemy support is building like a midlaner and still manages to win trades and push the lane in because I rely heavily on my jungler (who tbh rarely comes in my division xD) and ADC who is only 1 person vs 2. My aa poke is not enough and in most cases lands me with a giant chunk of HP stripped off when I try to get close to even trade. I love my traditional support champions and its a damn shame that I now feel forced to play damage supports because if I don't, my team suffer for it. Janna's shield is nolonger able to keep up, Nami's healing is nolonger able to keep up, Soraka (my main) still manages ok but thats only because I have mained her for years and know her limites xD But ya, is this making sense at all? Cause, I feel like I can't pick traditional support champions without getting a reply in the form of: 'free lane for enemy' 'plz go damage' 'plz no' 'pick something else' Please riot, see this and have another look at all of these support champions and either re-balance, rethink or readjust support items to function in another way to help balance them vs these damage supports. I know you cannot force people to play a champion, they are free to play what they wish, but the traditional supports are falling behind and being punished for it. I'm really against the spellthief/coin/relic being apart of the sightstone, it opened up the way to all of these 'damage supports'. Bring back some life to my traditional supports plz :(
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