I just had the worst experience playing this game BECAUSE OF AUTO FILL ...

I'm ok with getting support because you really don't do much and even when you lose no one really blames you, but... when I get adc or mid lane HOLLY SHIT EVERYTHING GOES TO HELL, I got a support Alistar that took exhaust, heal and did nothing the entire lane, but bitch about why I picked ADC if I don't play ADC mean wihile im trying to explain that I didn't and that I got auto filled but he wouldn't believe me even though it's fucking written under the queue screen! he has a rare case of extreme retardation if I might add meaning while I'm getting butt fucked by Zyra (fun champ btw...) and volibear who took grasp of the undying jungle (god help me...) is calling me ussless for not folowing on his lvl 4 tower dive when im letterly at 150 HP mid lane never... TL;DR : autoFill Sucks.
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