Help me (lvl 341 hardstuck in silver)

Hello guys hope you all right I have a problem and a really need help .. i was playing lol for more than year and my mistake is i didnt play any ranked game until lvl +170 When season 9 begings i played the classment games as an adc ezreal and jhin .. i lost the first game so they put mi bronze 2 after that a won 8 games and lost 1 game and they put me bronze 1 i dont know why .. now if i won 3 games i lost 4 games or 5 so cant climbe and get out this silver .. i did my best to hit silver 3 by playing garen and urgot top when he was buffed .. then i hardstuck in silver 3 .. i lose more games than i win until 0 lp I m an ezreal adc main with 220K points .. i m pretty good with my champ and i can play him in all situations but the problem is .. "idiots teammates" last match i was with 5/12 malz mid and 3/16 brand supp 2/10 yasuo top agaisnt fed enemy .. the problem is not they just feed .. they also flaming me cuz i dont suicide with them(help them) .. what can i do .. why i lose games like this even if i am a good ezreal with 12/6 kda and 180 farm in bad situations .. why i cant win even if i played kaisa and farmed +200 in 20 mins just why ... i win if i had good teammates .. and i easly lose when i have idiot teammates ... i dont flame my supp or like that .. i always win my lane with ezreal even if my supp is blinded but what is the solution with other feeders? ... pls help me and advice me do i have to change mi acount for the MMr or i have to main another champ or lane or what?
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