Minimum requirements to reach diamond.

Hello, since we slowly approach season ending and most of you barely have time to reach your goals, i'd like to tell you some things you could consider if u want to break your barriers and reach that deserved elo.May that be Gold/Plat/Diamond, these things CAN GET YOU up to diamond, without having much skill. So, personally, i am a support player that my laning/carrying skills are propably around gold elo, yet i am able to climb to diamond since s3 and i tell you the only thing i am exceptional at, is propably my decisions on "worth/not worth" pretty much that. So lets get down to the things 1) You NEED to know EXACTLY what each champion's ability does. This will give you a better judgement on what to do. For example, kassadins ultimate costs expotentially more mana if he spams it on cooldown. This would be crucial if they were chasing you, or running away. You never know HOW you will use this information, but it's better to know them than not. It will increase your decision making judgement. 2) Do not rely on your team mates, nor expect anything from them. This is pretty much a huge mistake most of the people do in all of the games, but you can't really expect ANYTHING from your team, and most importantly _**YOU CANT EXPECT THEM TO THINK THE STRATEGY YOU HAVE IN MIND**_ . Most commonly seen from tankish champs like malphite, or some jarvans. You see them blinking 2 screens away from their team initiating a fight, and nobody follows then blame them. Very common on botlane as well, between support/adc (lack of communication) and Jungler/solo laner. You expect jungler to gank so that you win your lane? Well, guess what. DONT. A thing i want to stress ALOT here, that helped me tons, is that i think: If i rely on my silver team mates, i'll stay in silver. That doesn't mean you should totally ignore them, but expect their "silver" behaviour and dont rage over it. You do what is correct and let everybody else do as many mistakes as they want. In the long run you WILL be rewarded. 3) If you win with a champion, keep picking that champion.I believe you can go higher with any champion that you have a winrate of 60%. I understand team composition is crucial, but you can honestly spam 1 champ your way to diamond.Sometimes you might not fit the team composition, but playing more games would hide that fact. In s3 i started playing janna and i saw that i won with that champion. I could not specify what was that (janna being hidden OP propably at that time) but i started playing her at gold 3, and skyrocket myself to diamond, skipping not one, but two divisions in plat (skipped plat 4 and 2) with a 80% win ratio 4) Observe what is _**the cause of defeat**_ in your elo in a big % of your games(20%-30% is considered pretty big, immagine winning 30% more of your games), then pick a champion or a role who fullfills that gap.When you get stuck in a certain elo, re-evaluate the causes of your defeat. In silver i picked blitz because i thought "no matter how bad, my team can win 1v5, then odds are in our favor" that made me hit gold, and then i saw that while i was blitz support, there were many times that my team just didnt do enough damage. So i picked cassiopeia who had a consistent aoe dps and a pretty good ultimate. In high gold i was getting countered hard and i saw that my team got caught in enemy jungle all the time, without proper vision so i changed back to support and spammed janna, who is a master of disengage, and "fixing" your team's stupid roaming. 5) Limit your champion pool. Honestly you only need to master 2-3 champions. More than 3 means that you dont practise them enough and even though you "believe you got this" you end up performing worse than you could. Speaking of performance, you also need to play at least 3 days of the week to keep in shape. If you stop playing for more than 1-2 weeks, your performance will start dropping. 6)Last but not least: ROAM MORE. I dont care if this doesnt work for you, KEEP ROAMING until you learn how to roam, according your playstyle.You WILL win 20% more games if you roam effectively and help other lanes EVEN IF YOU LOSE YOUR LANE There are certainly alot of other things you can do to improve in terms of "skill" but i'm here to tell you that "skill" alone will not give you more victories, and "skill" is not the only variable that gets you to diamond. My performance in certain aspects of the game is as follows My laning skills: 6 out of 10 My Observation: 8,5 out of 10 My decision making: 9 out of 10 My effective pinging: 9 out of 10 My cooperation with the team: 7 out of 10 My hit box skills (how good i can hit my spells): around 8 out of 10 My reflexes: 7 out of 10 What i want to show you is, that i'm certainly NOT the best player, but what i do is utilise all the information i have to the very best i can, and increase my chances of winning. I've reached d3 and then i saw some pretty damn good players who exploited all my mistakes, and there i can say that i get outplayed and i certainly need to adjust my playstyle according to that. But i believe that anyone can reach diamond by utilising the information they have, without being the best of the players. Knowledge is power! Peace out :)
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