Sona too strong ?

I just had a game Bard VS Sona I didnt do too bad - in the end i had almost the same score as sona (for reference - its this Game: I dont want to bash on sona - there are already enough posts out there who just bash champs. this sona in particular didnt play well at some parts of the game, she made several mistakes which did got punished - it almost felt like an even game (well we lost in the end, but hey , this game just werent a game were we got stomped to ground) what i want to say is - she just excels enchanter supports (well bard is some kind of mixed champ - he doesnt fit into the enchanter too well, but hey) in every regard She can heal and shield which is by itself pretty strong (only Taric can do this too, but he builds tanky so he heals and shield for less) In my game as example I , as bard, healed as much as she did - but i cant shield (unless i get the shielding item, but she doesnt have it too) She also deals a lot of dmg when you try to poke her - because most AA ranges are within her Q range , so whenever you want to poke her with Autos - she just uses Q and in most cases even uses the empowered Auto on you , and you took more dmg than she - which she then heals back up when she has the mana for it Dont get me wrong - Bard is pretty strong too with his chimes - but sona (and soraka) are pretty hard matchups regardless who you play, even the CC supporter like thresh and leona have problems. Looking at her WR - she is at a constant 54% in every league since several patches - and seeing the recent rise of Taric Sona (despite having lost in the recent LCS game) tells me that at least one of them (and i suppose its not Taric) is too strong well the bard W mana buff did help him - and i dont think he needs to be buffed - he is at a pretty good state - others are just too strong ( Also how can sivir sit at 53% WR ? - i have lost like 9/10 matches when i had a sivir adc ? is it just me or is there something wrong ? - but thats another topic xD) So what do you think ? Bloodiko
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