Tristana needs either a nerf or a rework

I'm not here to say that some guy with Tristana killed me 20 times... I'm saying that I KILL MY OPPONENTS 20 times in every single game with Tristana... even in a game where mid was feeding, top was feeding and jungle was feeding I ended up with 27 kills... and they were all fed... I was just deleting them... and jumping over and over and over and over and over... that's too much mobility for an ADC... especially for a hyper carry that has HUGE range in late levels... not to mention that her ult that has a fairly low CD is a perfect defense for assassins... So, Tristana is too hard to kill to be a hyper carry that an delete a whole team in a matter of seconds... she's too easy to abuse and beat your opponents and in conclusion, her kit makes everything way too easy... I break press the attack whenever I please with my WEQ combo and the bomb does a ridiculous amount of dmg in lane with the press the attack buff... so now a champion that should be a late game champ has a laning phase that is so strong that even strong early picks like Draven and Ezreal can't compete with me (Draven because I delete him and Ezreal because he doesn't have the dmg to trade me and is forced to E away all the time)... Now, I don't like Tristana, I'm almost never playing her (I'm an Ezreal main) but I wanted to play her to see how I would do... so, on a champ that I NEVER PLAY I am getting 20 kills per game easily, and I die much much much less... I just played a game that my opponents were playing defense and I got 12 kills in 15 mins along with my Braum supp that is sooooo broken with tristana... I think it's too easy guys... I'm not some guy that has been playing Tristana for years and is so good with him... I just know one basic combo and I dominate every game... the mid laner comes to gank me and instead I delete him like he's nothing if he misses even one skillshot... Anyway, tell me your thoughts... I just think it's too easy compared to any other ADC... it becomes so easy that I feel all other ADCs are cheated...
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