Is Ekko Viable in the jungle?

Hi Leaguers, was hoping for some tips for my favourite champion in league. I've started playing Ekko alot recently in the jungle, and I've had the most fun with this champ than any other so far. His kit feels so unique and complex, with so much outplay potential that I'm excited to maybe master this champion one day. However, when I play him in the jungle (which I hope to main) he feels very underpowered to me, whether I go tank or full AP or a hybrid of both. He seems to lack the raw damage and burst to instagib a carry before being bursted down himself (due to his passive which I will talk about later) He doesn't seem to have the innate tankiness or survivability to be a sticky peeler even with full tank items, and also deals pitiful damage I'm ust struggling to find a way to make him impactful in games. I am getting decent at landing my W stuns in ganks and teamfights, and using my ultimate to both survive at the last second and burst as many squishies as I can, but after all that, I still feel useless, like my damage does next to nothing to anyone with 120+ mr (which is most champions late game). Even if I somehow get ahead by 'securing' kills for my team, I will still be bursted before I can make a difference in any tank-heavy teamfight Now onto his passive, I feel the fact there is a slight cooldown timer when using this passive on the same target severely limits his ability to burst anyone, unless the 3rd proc of my passive is my ult (which is near impossible to set up for someone at my current skill level) I see myself doing less damage than any devourer jungler, unsated, who are more tanky than me anyway! Now I know Ekko is all about movement, prediction and smart plays, which is why I picked him up, I love playing as him, and I realize I am nowhere near the level to unlock his full potential as a carry jungler, but occasionally when I do pull of a crazy, mlg play, the results are rarely anything other than taking out their squishy ADC before I get CCd to death by their hyper tanky hyper damage dealing tanks. I would hate to give up on this champion for a 'meta' jungler who can faceroll their way through solo Q (yi, jax, xin, mundo etc) because I love his playstyle so much. Please LOL Community, give me some tips asto the viability of Ekko jung. Either as full tank, full ap, a mixture, something else entirely or even just dont play him in this meta. Thanks for reading, have a brilliant day
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