Janna is the only Champ that can Shield Turrets, but its never worth it. :(

I like the thing that Janna can Shield turrets, but it feels like its Never worth it. **Do people even know this is a thing?** Janna should get the abillity to slowdown games and Punish towerdivers in the early game. So my idea about Janna shield is: Ardent Attackspeed buff and onehit effect, and maybe Athenes Heal should also work on turrets! **OR** Double the Shield stats on turrets. So its worth to buff a turret. **Right now its a joke that some armor tanks can facetank turrets, a turret should be something poeple are afraid of. when i remember even riot said "they want to focus minion push/baron push games, instead of teamfight dive games"** Please make Janna's Shield be worth on using on turrets :) {{sticker:sg-janna}}
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