How to win against broken champions?

I'm %%%%ing tired of all these Akali's,Xin Zhao's,Master Yi's,Syndra's who just use point and click spells and one shot my teammates. Where the %%%% is the balance in this game? What am I supposed do to protect my teammates as camille,no as any champon? Ult them? Locket of Iron Solari? NONE OF THAT SHIT HOLD AND INSTANTLY MELT. I'M SALTY TO THE NEXT FKING DIMENSION AND I WANT ANSWER FROM A RIOTER,WHO THE HELL KEEPS THESE CHAMPIONS LIKE THEY ARE? WHY ARE THESE THINGS NOT NERFED?! WHAT IS THE COUNTERPLAY AGAINS THESE CHAMPS?! I'M NOT ASKING FOR LANING TIPS,I'M ASKING FOR TIPS IN TEAMFIGHTS THAT WILL KEEP MY BACKLINE GETTING DELETED BECAUSE THEY TOOK A SINGLE WRONG STEP

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