So about the cripple effect...

I've been dwelling on this for about a week now and I can't help but thinking that Cripple is kinda busted as an effect. If you take into account that all 3 champions with a Cripple go top where auto attacks are quite important. If we look at it from a numbers point of view most cripples (minus Nasus' cause it grows stronger over time) are essentially just a disarm. If we take the 2 instant cripples; Fiora's Riposte at a 50% slow and cripple for 2 seconds and Malphite's Ground Slam which is a 3 second 50% cripple when maxed. If we take the usual attack speed at level 1 of around 0.6 attacks a second and 1 attack a second as a comparison and lets see. At 0.6 attack speed a 50% cripple reduces the attack speed to 0.3. So at 0.3 attacks a seconds you can see that it isn't gonna give you a chance to strike back at all seeing as it would take over 3 second to get off one auto attack. Even at 1.0 attack speed, that's going to drop it down to 0.5 and that's limiting you to 1 attack per 2 seconds. So again that's basically refusing you to auto against Fiora and you'll manage 1 and a half against a max rank Malphite E. Anyone else sees this as a bit excessive? On a slightly different note shouldn't Fiora's Riposte only do the slow and cripple if she actaully blocks an auto. Cause if her Riposte is her going into a defensive stance to parry any incoming attacks then surely it makes sense that she deals the slow and cripple if she actaully parrys an auto attack, cause you know, if you parry an oppenents attack it would leave them vulnerable to a counter attack. Just a thought.
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