Keep it very basic in low elo and don't strategize

I am an adc main and have been playing since season 6, peaked at plat 3 last season. I would like to discuss whether you should be focusing on mechanics or game knowledge in low elo. I've noticed that many concepts I see in guides and teaching materials which help giving your team advantages are not necessarily beneficial in low elo. Since most of the players wont be familiar with such tactics, plans or concepts, trying to execute them puts you and your teammates on completely different pages, and probably being on the same page is way more important than any small advantages you can gain by using advanced tactics. Furthermore, it can be very tilting equally for you or your teammates when neither of you play to the other's expectations. Some examples of these concepts: -Deep warding or flank wards: it is a very powerful opportunity than you can offer to your team, though it is strange in low elo. It won't be beneficial since teleport players would usually use their tp exclusively for lane or at the best won't have map awareness, but what it can really do is bait your jungler to invade whenever the ward spots the enemy jungler or a champ in rotation for instance. Or even just attempting to deep ward can be dangerous since your team wouldn't understand what do you want and never covers for you. -Level 1 cheese: Most of players wont follow on these kind of plays or if they do, they don't know how to play it properly or what skill to level up so unless you can guarantee it, don't try. -Wave control: For botlane at least, your lane partner will either perma push or perma freeze, or just ignore the wave completely when trading or resetting. Any effort you might do to control your minion wave will be pointless most of the time. Pushing for a good base time or preventing enemy from body blocking minions might be not of your lane partner's concerns, so just drop it as it will put you in 1v2 or 1v3 situation. If this triggers you don't keep wave control as an obsession in your mind, and just play with whats available. -Tracking enemy jungler: Enemy jungler is not farming efficiently and probably does the same path every single game for the last 5 years. Id rather use all chat to track him and not logic. -Summs timings: you can type these for yourself but nobody would understand what are you talking about, so don't feel in a hurry to provide these info when you know them. It also gives you fake expectations from your team. -Lane swapping: whether they are winning or losing lane they will refuse to lane swap with you most of the time after you take your first turret. So if you feel like they don't like it or they don't understand what are you talking about just don't lane swap. -Split pushing: Unless you your team is ahead and you know when to walk up and when to back, don't split push, and group with your team instead. The team wont realize your are splitting or they will fail to pressure other lanes. Usually split push succeeds in low elo just because the enemy team doesn't realize you are on the innhibitor to collapse on you or you are far ahead that you kill everyone when they try to stop it, but it is never a team effort, so in a close game it will fail. In summary, just farm what's in front of you and rely mostly on your mechanics for fighting and objectives. The only strategy that you need is to stay alive at any cost and the enemy team will kill themselves and give you advantages eventually.
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