Bronze Friend

So I just added someone from Discord that seemingly Talks very much about how good he is on LoL. When I first saw his profile I witness the horrible fate of a Bronze 5 player + Draven Main. I thought myself "It can't be that bad" But When I start the spectate his game that he plays in ranked he had massive faults in where he started running towards the enemy bot lane alone without respecting their damage and dies. Instantly Blaming his support even though it was his fault for suiciding. Now his flaming his soul away and Im just sitting there like "I don't see any problems in Sona's Gameplay, but I see a lot I yours". How do you guys deal with Toxic Friends that flames others and doesn't listen to his friends to look at his own faults instead of the others. (Btw when you witness the horror of Bronze 5 where no one builds boots, Im freaking crying)
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