Why is this game so biased?

This game is quite the laughing matter... I am tired of seeing champions such as {{champion:64}} being let off the nerfs he actually needs because he happens to be Riot's favorite. This Jackie Chan wannabe is the worst character in League, he is a racist stereotype and quite frankly he has the fastest and lowest cooldown skillshot in the game. Just imagine if {{champion:34}}'s Q could travel at that speed that his Sonic Strike does. Its ridiculous how Riot are biased in pretty much everything in this game... - Biased for {{champion:64}} over other champions - Biased for Assassins over Traditional Mages - Biased for LCS Teams over other LCS Teams All of this is just hurting League's credibility. I don't think that anyone outside the little bubble of "league-fans" who will downvote this because they hate any sort of criticism. Well guess what, NOBODY outside the core league fans would consider this a genuine sport... hell, COUNTERSTRIKE is more a sport then this. I just do not get how this game became so popular when the company making it clearly only wants to listen to the "elite" players and not the rest of their fanbase. Matches are becoming boring to watch, the whole game is just based around the same 5-10 power picks and nobody seems to care. My question is? What does Riot get out of this blatent favoritism that exists towards some champions? Surely its better and less toxic to have a fair and honest game and not try to delude your playerbase in believing that you don't play favorites? Unless their are significant changes to balance out the game, I shall not be returning for next season.
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