According to what Meddler said about Diana getting changes, few suggestions from a main perspective.

Quick Gameplay Thoughts: May 3
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I swear to keep this short and tight as possible but if tl;dr just skip to last bit separated by a horizontal line. Stay with me if your interested and tell me at the end what are you thinking. I will divide this into three sections separated with a horizontal line. First an overview about Diana's weaknesses, second about suggested kit change(very minor/easy to implement) and third about what that change would mean. This is from a perspective of a Diana main since 2012. ------------- In order to succeed at making her a fine champion, we need to correctly recognize what makes her design faulty. I'm here to help you with that and I'll try to provide a solution that in my view would pass the trial. I think that her main design weaknesses are: 1. **Binary design** - if (enemy == killAble) { all_In(); } else { don't; } 2. **Only one way to engage** - If Q is available you can play, if not you cannot do anything. 3. **Lack of utility** - You can damage people and that's pretty much all you can do. 4. **Lack of a escape** 5. **Can't be played anywhere except mid** I'm pretty sure that I don't have to expand on her binary design and heavy reliance on Q, therefore I'll talk a little about utility, why it's so important in my view. We need to take a note that if we are to attempt fixing Diana, the changes cannot be too radical, they have to be an expansion/extension of what she is right now. If we take a look at Rengar, Fizz and other assassins, but also at divers like Irelia, Kayn and skirmishers like Yasuo and Fiora, we can see that all of them has some kind of utility. Rengar has his W cleans, Fizz has his E dodge, Kayn has his walking in walls, Yasuo has windwall, Fiora has her parry. You can see the pattern, each of those abilities is different but they all provide some kind of utility that enables outplay, therefore adding a depth to champions kit and giving them a little "flavor" as each one of them does something different. What would be Fizz if he wouldn't have his dodge on E?? Just another AP champion that does dmg... playing with him would be like: "press <> to dmg". Not very interesting, is it? That's exactly the case with Diana, she just does dmg, but no outplay, there is no depth in her gameplay. You may always say: "bUt sHE hAs HeR **E** aBiLitY!!11!", which supposed to provide utility, but here is problem with it. In past LoL used to be a slower game and that ability was fine, but right now the meta has changed and her E is outdated a lot. This ability does not only root Diana in one place but also has animation with channel. This makes this ability cast time too long in exchange for useless pull for a cost of 70 mana! That doesn't do much because you have 2 dashes anyways. So here is my suggestion -> **her E needs to be mini-reworked**. ----------------- Reworked into what? The answer for me is simple: into **anti-dash**. Here is how that would work. Right now her E is pretty much useless, ask anyone at r/DianaMains, compare to pulling abilities of other champions like {{champion:122}} or {{champion:50}}, that cost less and are instant without channel time, {{champion:131}}'s pull looks poor. Add to it that she has 2 dashes anyways so people usually don't need to use it that much, and often are just pressing it automatically, without purpose when they all-in(you one-shot anyways so you don't need to pull a dead body). The **new E** would be old E but with root and channel removed, also the knock-up time would be increased from 0.25 to 0.5, to ensure that the ability breaks enemy's dash 100%. (Sometimes right now it doesn't. For example the kock-up now doesn't break Riven's dash on 3rd Q). You may ask "what's the big deal? Her current E can break dashes now too". The problem is that right now because of the animation+root+channel everyone literally walks/dashes out of it before it launches. From Diana player perspective it looks like that: -> Lee is in range -> You press E -> Lee sees your animation -> Lee places a ward -> Lee dashes to a ward -> . . . . . . . -> your E finally launches but everyone are already outside of the range... The story is the same with Lucian, Graves and literally every champion in the game that has a dash except {{champion:18}} . I swear, I've been playing Diana for 7 years and I only succeed at stopping Tristana's and sometimes {{champion:121}} 's dash, because they take long to fire as well. Whenever I try to use my E to break someone's dash, the enemy have escaped long before it launches. So what's the purpose of this skill if you don't need to pull people because it's more efficient to use 2 dashes that cost less mana and are instant. Diana's E ability in 99% cases is not useful for anything really. --------- Here is how I see this. You know how {{champion:78}} 's W works? It's basically the same thing, but if enemy is in range his dash is not only stopped but the guy also gets pulled a little bit. The change is not that radical from players perspective - they don't have to learn anything new, however from gameplay perspective it's groundbreaking. So how this is going to improve {{champion:131}} 's gameplay? As I have mentioned earlier Diana right now doesn't have utility, with that change her utility will be an ability to break enemy's dashes whenever she wants. This is something similar to Yasuo's windwall, where he can break enemy's skillshots whenever he wants, or Fiora's W, where she dodges any kind of cc and dmg. Because of this change, Diana's outplay potential will be unlocked because you can do hell of a things with that, you can even %%%% up someone's whole combo if you press this at right time. This enables counter-play, you are no more a slave of your Q's cd, because if someone approaches you with a dash, you can stop him. One of my points that were recognized as Diana's weaknesses was a lack of escape,%%%%er that change Diana will no longer have a need for an escape as she will be able to counter enemy jungler approaching her with a dash. Problem with Lee dashing? Just press E and break his dash. I've also said that Diana is useless anywhere except mid, I mainly meant jg here. That's due to her lack of gap-closer pre 6 which makes ganking hard to succeed as anyone will just dash away after they will see you and you have nothing to follow pre 6. With that change you will be able to break enemy dash, thus Diana might finally become a viable pick in jg. Finally since her release, it's a pity that a jungler cannot be played jungle since years tbh. Why am I talking about this right now? Because Meddler mentioned something about PBE changes coming soon and I think that you guys might actually try this one out at least on your internal servers or PBE, I truly believe that this little improvement can change everything, if this will seem not right the changes wont hit live, simple as, but experimenting with it on PBE would be nice, that's what PBE is for. I'm talking about this because the change seems not to be that hard to pull of - this is not some kind of a radical change, a new ability or a complete change in Diana's gameplay. It's just a removal of root and channel time, maybe increase of cd, but adjustments can be done later. **The truth is that those limitations on Moonfall are like chains for Diana. Remove them and let the champion blossom. Right now this character seems to have only three abilities and a passive on E, because the active is not worth of pressing. ** I also think that nothing like anti-dash will fit Diana's kit better: 1. It is an aggressive skill (that's what us, Diana players like). 2. It fits her gameplay of chasing down enemy (hard to escape her). 3. No need to learn anything new, except maybe pressing the key at right time. 4. Quite unique comparing to other assassins/bruisers, that's what we want this champ to be - unique mix of assassin, mage, melee, jungler, skirmisher. 5. Massive potential for outplay. Finally Diana plays will be something more than just pressing everything at once and hoping that the enemy dies. 6. By-passes the need for escape as it gives you different(unique) method of avoiding being ganked/escaping threat. 7. Diana might finally come back to her righteous position where she belongs - the jungle. The only jungler without gap-closer pre 6 is Nocturne, but he needs a rework as well, else there is no more junglers that wouldn't have tools to gank pre 6. With that change Diana won't need her gap closer as she will be able to neutralize enemy's dash, thus making her ganks succeed much more often. 8. Easy to implement. It's just a removal of root and channel, I'm pretty sure it's not a big deal for you guys, compare to other mini-reworks you did. I think that the champ is totally worth it. I know guys that you've been busy buffing all those weak champions right now like Darius, Renekton and Master, but please find a little time to appreciate our little girl {{champion:131}}, she deserves it.
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