Lets talk about the new Mordekaiser

Imagine this, you're a full tank 0/20 Mordekaiser in a 5v5 facing off against a hella fed Katarina with *cough* 20/0. She completly shreds your whole team in an instants besides you, as the tank. The other enemies are easy to defeat, Katarina is the only Problem. So what are you going to do? Activate the Deathrealm, drag her with you for 7! seconds. You cant even dodge that, you can't flash it, you can't run from it, you'll just be gone and out of the teamfight for the following 7 seconds. Once you get out of the Death realm you'll find your whole team being dead because you are the carry. Imagine trying to get the baron and Mordekaiser just ults your jungler away. This is almost a guaranteed steal of that objective. This ult breaks the balancing in my opinion because it doesnt have any counterplay, doomed by point and click. In **my opinion** it either needs: **_Marks similar to Tahm Kench marks to be able to eat the enemy or stunn him_** **_to be a skillshot_** **_to be charged, enemy target gets marked similar to Karthus ult which leaves time for the Team to react_** **_The Duration itself get reduced by 1s per enemy teammate near target but also the area gets smaller. That way if there's a teamfight you can ult someone in a tf and he'll only stay in this inevadable cc for 2 seconds but the enemy might be close to you now that the Ring is smaller so you can hurt him in this short period of time and it can still be used well on the lane in case you get ganked since you'll still have 6 seconds if the jungler gets close enough in time._ ** The way the ult is right now I just cant think of it being balanced at all. I'm welcoming every Rework or new Champ and I really like the idea of it but I dislike the way it is done.
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