S on some support champs ...

I want a statement from Riot, if possible. How can i get a S rank on janna, thresh, blitz, naut, braum etc.. As a support u're supposed to give the kills that YOU create to your adc. So let's say i end up 0/3/14 which is pretty decent considering you created like 10 kills of those 14 asists yourself, you warded as much as possible cleared wards, you just supported your team. And then you get B+ and your adc that got like 8 kills cuz of you ended up 10/7/4 gets S- How is that considered ''fair''? Do i need to steal kills from my adc in order to get closer to S ? That's not how it should work. And don't tell me that i should consider playing with friends.. i only play soloq and it will stay that way.
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