Aatrox as a Frontliner

I had a game where our team comp was (imo) pretty bad - Jax, Aatrox (me, as jungle), Viktor, Vayne and Lulu. Enemy comp: Jayce, Graves, Orianna, Tristana and Alistar. Now I was snowballing really hard that game - was 7 0 i think. Our Jax was constantly splitpushing but we couldn't pressure them enough to make that worthwhile - that's because we couldn't find a way to engage. My team wanted me to do it, but my build was pretty damage-focussed because of my feed. Therefore, I told them I was too squishy to engage. Now what would've been the right thing to do? Should I have engaged anyway, did I fail because I didn't build tank or should I have been the one splitpushing (our Jax was pretty behind, therefore he had a tanky build)?
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