People don't like smurfs. I don't like playing in gold elo anymore than a gold player wants me in their elo. Neither party wins. Why are smurfs placed so low, and why is division skipping so bad? I just finished my placements and went 10-0 on my smurf, with an average gametime under 30 minutes. For 4 games in a row, I didn't die. In almost every game I had the highest stats like damage done, damage done to champs, etc. The first 5 games were against high silver - gold. The last 3 were against high plat + last season Diamond, to that I have to ask, why the hell was I placed in gold 3? I beat many plat players, several last season diamonds as well as every gold player I played against, yet I still am placed in Gold 3. Why? Why make me waste time in Gold 3 and why make the gold 3 players have unbalanced teams? It should be clear to the system I am not a gold 3 player, yet now I will have to play 15-20 games to get to plat V. Additionally, I likely won't skip promotions and I will only skip 1 division. Buff placements and buff division skipping. If I go 10-0 on a fresh account, that should be platinum V, or atleast gold1 . I should also skip divisions if I don't lose a game, as well as promotions so I don't waste two games getting no LP. This solves the problem for both parties.
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