Constructive Criticism Please

Hi guys, So, I have recently started climbing the ranked ladder and my goal is to hit Gold III. I main Garen/Pantheon and Sona if I have to go auto-fill. I can also play moderately well with Veigar/Urgot. I've managed to climb from Iron IV to Bronze I in preseason, so far. I would love it if any high elo Garen/Panth players could take a look at my match history, and provide some constructive criticism on my performance. I know there is a lot to work on but I'll give you a quick breakdown of my mentality going into matches as it currently stands. If I can pick Garen I do, 9 times out of 10 I get him. Depending on the opponent I either max Q or E - for example Nasus/Riven/Renekton I max Q. Teemo/Olaf/Darius I max E. If it is a difficult match up my focus is to freeze the lane by my turret (I find everyone hard pushes into turrets at the start, so I'll allow it - freeze the lane, and farm with E until I get a few items) - then I'll focus on taking the turret - if I get it, I'll try to do Rift, but I definitely don't get it often enough. I find that most of the games I'm in last over the 30 minute mark so this strategy has been working if I am counter picked - for the most part. If it's an easier match up - I max Q, if I can solo kill my opponent, I will do my best to take tier 1 & 2 turrets, pick up Rift, rotate mid/bot to get more turrets and spam down turrets everywhere. As soon as we pick up an inhib, and especially if we get a pick while their inhib is down, I spam for Baron, and then with luck, we end. My main issue is that I feel I take too long to become an impact on the game - ideally, I'd love to be taking first turret by the 14 minute mark, picking up rift 90% of the time, and pulling a gold lead for my team before 20 minutes. I'd really appreciate any experience Garen/Panth players advice on how best to do this - if you have specific match up tips I'd love that - I especially struggle against Tryn/Urgot. I also have a hard time knowing when to all in - I tend towards the safer style of play, as I find myself pulling ahead in CS often, and this allows me to make an impact in mid/late game - but I really want to bring this impact in earlier. So please, view my profile, view my games, roast me all you want, but help me get better! Thanks!

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