What is it with the population of this game? I mean, is everyone just mindless drones with the brain the size of a sock draw? I'll give you an example... Example 1: {{champion:98}} gets played at worlds in support NEXT DAY Support {{champion:98}} in soloQ ALL OVER THE PLACE Example 2: {{champion:157}} is seen building {{item:3078}} NEXT DAY All {{champion:157}}'s in soloQ are using {{item:3078}} Example 3: {{champion:22}} gets picked up as an ADC NEXT DAY {{champion:22}} gets spammed in SoloQ **One question...** **WHY!?** Why are people such brainless morons that they are COMPLETELY unable to think for themselves. I play {{champion:43}} in mid and support. I have done since this game started and I WON'T change my principles to copy some "professional" and be ARROGANT enough to think that I can master another champion WITH NO PRACTICE. PROFESSIONALS PRACTICE FOR HOURS with champions before they pick them in matches like Worlds. Just because they have chosen this champ does not mean the WHOLE LEAGUE COMMUNITY has to spam it like mindless sheep. Why are people incapable of thinking for themselves? Is it just laziness and instead of discovering their own strengths, they just want the easiest and laziest path to Platinum. People's stupidity never ceases to amaze me.
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