Worst season i'v been in

I have been playing since Season 3 and this season is terrible, 95% of my games have people who flame and dont see there mistakes, ADC role is useless and tanks do more damage then everyone else, The MMR is a mess, I'v read alot of the forums and people have won 10/10 placements and got Bronze 5, How is that logic? and i'm at 30% win rate..... and on my other account which i dont play on anymore was at 65%, Yes i dont blame others but come on Riot... Maybe give me a win?, It seems it's more about luck then skill to be honest, You can not carry 4 people on your back, Most of my games have been stomps which is Mehh. It should be 50% of winning not forcing 50% win rate which i'm not getting, Seems i'm not getting that, I dont take League seriously anymore, I just go with the flow ....
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