Can we reset remakes to their original parameters

I'm pretty sure, (correct me if I'm wrong) that when remakes were originally released the requirement was that, if your team had someone not move from the fountain, or be dc'd for 60 seconds (and not have been killed), then at three minutes the option for a remake would appear. Whereas now the option for a remake seems to only happen if a player never connects to the game. I don't understand the reasoning behind the change, as it stands the frustrations remakes were meant to cure, are only fixed hap hazardly. I think everyone has an experience with a team mate trying to desperately connect to the game, only to instantly drop out, killing your option of a remake and and tanking your win chance. As it stands remakes can just act as a tease to players, who patiently wait to the three minutes mark, only to be informed the because a player left 30 seconds in, he connected so you have to play out a 4v5. Mostly just venting frustration, but would be nice to get a rito response explaining the logic for the changes to remakes.
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