Is Master Yi even balanced?

Yes, yes... another post about how unbalanced Master Yi is, but is it not a valid point though? A champ that is able to get a penta 5v2, even after throwing the game early on by feeding like there is no tommorow, just by getting those 3 items that gives him his powerspike, is kinda unbalanced…. right? If you look around the forums, you can find many threads about people looking for a duo partner where they apply the boosting strategy. So to say, put a Master Yi behind a Kayle or Tariq ult and let him melt through every opponent by dealing solely true damage due to the tailormade rune "conqueror". It kinda gives the wrong image about how balanced the game is when a champ is able to turn a game just due to his powerspike, instead of real skill… And it also says something about a champ if this is being exploited in boosting, am I right? I think I am speaking for many when I say that it is time to rework Master Yi into a somewhat more balanced kind of champion.
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