stop with the bruiser hate already

i keep seeing this so often, people complaining how melee bruisers are op, and frankly, im sick of it. have you ever heard of kiting?? hello??? besides that there counterplay is so obvious its just funny. next time you face a champion, think about his kit, think which one of his skills is the most dangerous and think how to avoid them before going into forums and crying because of your inability to kite, or dodge skillshots. either way ill tell you all my reasons to stop complaining about bruisers and how to beat them {{champion:122}} not that hard to face, step away from his q, if youre already close to him, go closer so his outer ring of damage doesent hit you. if youre a melee tank, coming closer and running right after is probably one of the more efficient tactics. if youre ranged, kite. {{item:3139}} will give you a nice speed boost to escape as an adc. {{item:3157}} is great at making his dunk uselsess, in a teamfight baiting him to dunk you is agreat way to get him killed. use your crowd controll. stuns, slows, snares, all of those will make darius' day a nightmare. they also tend to dive you. i find champions with speed ups thaat do damage really helpfull, like {{champion:41}} with his passive, {{champion:202}} with his crits, {{champion:114}} with her passive and q(and many many more) , also if youre a damaging champion, stormraiders surge will help you a lot to run away and kite. {{champion:24}} know how his stun works. keep your range as a ranged carry, especially when his block is on, after he wastes stun and hop, hes not that hard to kite. {{summoner:1}} {{item:3139}} are counter items. use them right as he uses his stun. {{item:3053}} is also a briliant pick, people dont expect your tankyness and the shield so he wont 1shot you. {{champion:25}} is amazing at negating his stun, {{champion:222}} can drop chompers on her feet for an instant snare, and anyone else who isnt auto attack reliant can beat him with skillshots. dont forget to kite. {{champion:72}} not exactly a problem anymore, but still. dodge his skillshot, its not that fast, kinda like a {{champion:25}} q. his ult is hard to predict, because how quick it casts, but just play aroound your teams croud controll to poke him away before he manages to get to you, kite. {{champion:104}} i consider him as a bruiser because of his tnakyness and close range power. his skilshots are wall reliant, never fight him in the jungle. try to fight in lane, open areas, with minimal walls. his smoke screen is annoying, not much you can do besides running from it or flashing if you think you can die from the lack of vision. his ult is hard to dodge to be honest, but {{item:3157}} {{item:3053}} can deny a kill. {{champion:223}} hard to kill, nerfed to heck, still really good and honestly hard to play against. cleanse his w. i will still do the damage, but he wont be able to throw you into his team or under turret. his q is quick but definetly dodgeable. kiting will screw him up. dont get mad if you cant kill him because of his e, getting him out of lane will still be good, if you can keep doing it consistently, eventually, he will fall off enough for you to kill him. save your crowd controll for when he is low, he cant use his e under crowd controll. {{champion:39}} havent seen much of her, but in my experience, shes very lane dominant so just be passive, and poke. if you cant, just farm and dont get outtraded. her early game can be surprisingly painfull. one of the more difficult champions to face, id say were all just lucky shes not that popular at the moment i guess. there are many more i could add but im sure you get it by now. KITE. attack and run. attack and run. attack and run. thats it. sometimes it seems better to just stand in front of someone and let your champions autos do the work, that is a really wrong mindset. you allways need to move and be in controll of your champion. complaining about bruisers being op simply means that you dont know how to kite. and kititng is an absolutely mandatory mechanic to learn. you all say that you want to get good, you all say that you want better ranks, and hey, it all just comes down to studying champions and their interractions. im definately not saying that these champions are not annoying. i often get a little angry when a 0\4 riven still manages to solo kill me as gp. there are definately some overpowered champions. honestly {{champion:96}} comes to mind, but to say that brusiers are still op, after all those nerfs just makes me laugh. i dont think that bruisers are op, they are just strong and their counterplay is a bit hard to execute. eh, but what do i know, im just a goldV pleb, watching proffesionals play. tell me your thoughts, dont spare any down/upvotes, im writing this at late night, going to sleep. see all of your replies tommorow {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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